Friday, September 26, 2008



This year, we decided to pack up and move all our belongings and dreams to the great big California. We are moving to Los Angeles to fulfill my dreams of becoming a motion picture producer.

Before doing so, we decided that we would go to Disneyland as a personal treat/anniversary present to ourselves (August 19 marked our 3 years together!)

I have never been to Disneyland. I have never been to Disneyworld. My family has never made the yearly trip down to California like every other respectable Mormon family in Utah. Because of certain situations, my family has never been. Yes, yes, I know, poor child and deprived and all that stuff. But no worries folks, I have now had the experience!

I was able to geek out with the Indiana Jones ride and the Star Wars stuff all over. We had some delicious, but expensive meals. We rode everything that was fun twice.

I must say that for a children's theme park, it was quite fun as an adult. We rode on every ride that I have ever wanted to ride on (Splash Mountain was by far my favorite - gotta love that Brer Rabbit).

Our good friends Drew and Sarah Champion joined us for the last day and we had fun running around riding things. They are the Mr. Wilson to our Dennis the Menace, our Wilson to our Tim the Tool Man Taylor, our Chandler and Joey to Monica and Rachel. They have become our go to team for anything we need down here (since they have all of a weeks worth of experience more than us).

We wrapped it all up by watching the fireworks show and dining on delicious Mickey suckers. We then rode Thunder Mountain one more time and went home (our hotel room).

As for Disneyland, I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up. California Adventure was also a way fun park. Tower of Terror and California Screamin were my favorite rides there.

Valley Village

So now we are here in Los Angeles.

We found an apartment in Valley Village which is just west of Burbank and north of Studio City. We found the apartment because we went to church with the Champions and I asked around in Elders Quorum about an apartment. Several of the members are apartment managers so I was able to hook up with one who had a vacancy.

We moved in on Wednesday, I spent all day watching movies waiting for maintenence on Thursday, and now we have internet hooked up on Friday!

Here's our pool in all it's blue glory. It is really refreshing, especially after spending all day lifting boxes and cleaning out the kitchen, etc.

Tiffany's Aunt hooked us up with these sweet couches. That was a really good thing because we really didn't want to figure out a way to get our old ones down here (they were free as well). These ones already win because they recline and the love seat rocks back and forth.