Splanderson.com is a blog dedicated to the creation of fiction and non-fiction films and videos. My films range from dramatic to action to comedic, from feature-length to short subject to commercials. Basically, anything that I think is cool/funny/awesome.

Splanderson.com started in May of 2007 and was founded at Brigham Young University's Media Arts program. The site has changed dramatically in the last few years and has never really landed firmly until the establishment of the Splanderson YouTube page in early 2013. The site content is mostly about documenting the travels of my crew and creation of the films that are made by my group, (but sometimes without our moderation it can include cute pictures of cuddly animals).

I am based out of Provo, Utah - but would love to travel the world to document the lives of others. The goal would be to film all year-round in every corner of the globe.


I would love to work with you, please contact me about opportunities to collaborate, create, or facilitate. Any inquiries can be sent to me via email, direct message, or social media.