Tuesday, November 26, 2013

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Greenhorse - "Grim City"

A while back I was excited to have the chance to film one of my favorite bands: Greenhorse as they played a show at The Echo in Los Angeles. They were opening for the band AM & Shawn Lee, and the show was completely fantastic.

Some fun stills from the night:

Along with the band, we put together a video from the performance to go with one of the songs on their latest album The Shapes of Dragons. The song we used for the video was "Grim City" which is one of my favorites on the album.

Here's the video:

To make it even cooler, they got a sweet writeup in Indie Rock Review:

More great stuff coming from the band (as well as myself), just need to get my stuff together in-between prep for my feature.

Will post more later...

Sunday, November 10, 2013

See You On The Other Side

Rockin the 2013 St. George Marathon
Howdy folks. Been a while and a lot has changed. Rather than go into big details droning on about everything - I'll give you the penny version:

Late September my wife and I quit our jobs in Los Angeles. In October we moved to Utah and are now living in my parents basement. This month (November), I will be directing my first feature film. (More on that in a later post.)

What possessed us to do such an insane and bold thing? I can't really tell you. It's not a secret, it's just really hard to explain. If you see me sometime, I'll try and give you the full story.

Either way, here we are and this is what we're doing. I might fail. I might succeed. I might go mad. Whatever happens, I think I feel vindicated in my attempt and all the experience that will come with it.

Another big aspect of my decisions lately have been to improve on my running. I want to be a better runner, but mostly I just want to be the best runner I possibly can. This means training properly and becoming more of a regular season runner. As of now I just hurriedly train the few months before a race and feel really awful when I miss certain workouts or have a lapse in my proper dieting. The 2014 season is going to be different for me I hope. The plan is to train the full year and beat my time by at least a full half-hour.

I am also planning to drop 30 pounds in the next three months. It has been going really terribly. Every time I get into the swing of the diet, an event or a restaurant comes around and I engorge myself, enjoying it, but hating myself for it. This needs to STOP. I need to learn to say "NO!"

This is a life-changing time. It is a scary time. Please help me feel like I'm not insane. Tell me I'm going to be fine, because I am still unsure.

Thanks for listening. Sorry to be cryptic and for my ramble. I'll be better.