Friday, June 5, 2009

Random Anecdotes

I'm working at a warehouse right now and it is hard work.

I love visiting Utah for the people and the food. I noticed that everything was extremely clean there. I was astonished actually. I'm so used to everything being broken down and dirty so it was a shock to my eyes to see clean and shiny buildings with plenty of parking space.

I graduated while there.

Castle Crashers is my new favorite game. If you have it and an X-box, let's play online. My screen name is "Splanderson." On that note, check out the controller free game system that X-box is developing. They showed it at E3. It blew my mind. Wow. Just check it out.

Aside from that, there are occasional accidents. This morning it was pouring rain outside (an LA rarity) and the buzzer for the back door started going off like crazy. We assumed it was our boss being a jerk so we went to check it out. No one was there, it was kind of creepy. The doorbell button however was pushed in. One of my co-workers instinctively raised his finger to try and unstick the button and he got a huge jolt! Water had poured down the cable and into the wire of the buzzer. It acted as a short and conducted the electricity straight into his finger. It was sad/frightening and hilarious at the same time. We attempted to fix it but that thing was going crazy all morning. We tried to ignore it.

While getting out of my car earlier I heard a noise that stopped me in my tracks - the Lost monster clicking sound! It freaked me out. I was seriously power-walking to the door after hearing it, especially since there was nothing and no one around at all. I still have no idea what made that noise (and no it wasn't someone watching Lost on their TV really loudly).

I'm almost done with my spec. Hooray!! I am so close I can taste it. Once I'm done, I will be rewriting it to make it consistent, then I will unleash it on my friends and family for opinions. If anyone wants to guess how many pages it will be I will give them a great prize (actually, the prize is that I will make them one of the three people that will be given the opportunity to read it before anyone else.)