Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Are you in earnest?

It's been a long time for this blog. It's been a long time for anything, really...

I thought I could direct this blog in a strictly Sci-fi and writing direction but I found very quickly that I didn't have the dedication or the concentration towards just that one discipline.

Do I still love writing - yes. Do I still love Sci-fi - heck yes I do.

So what am I doing?! What's my emphasis? What am I doing in Los Angeles and what are my goals?

There have been only two constants in my life: I want to work in the entertainment industry to create, and nothing in my life has ever been constant.

I have been at any one time concentrating on these three careers and I don't know which one is for me:




I have an extreme passion and affiliation to all three of these paths, but I've never been able to pick. I love them all. I work hard at perfecting them all and I pour my life into them.

This isn't a blog post to ask anyone what I should concentrate on, or to announce that I've made a decision (I have not). This is a blog post to share with you my feelings as of late and my current predicament and situation. I'd love to hear your thoughts though, feel free to comment, text or discuss with me these very things next time you get the chance. We need to have more conversations anyway.

Love and or financial support is appreciated (expected).  Thanks for listening.

~ Eric