Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MUSIC VIDEO: Greenhorse "Don't Leave Me"

Last year I had the privilege, nay... the DELIGHT to work with a band called Greenhorse. They are local to Los Angeles and have been working pretty hard to develop a unique sound and style.

From the moment I met with them and listened to their music, I was hooked. They seem to capture the very essence of my preferred music listening needs. I have been obsessed with their new album The Shapes of Dragons which you can get on BandCamp or iTunes.

Sometime last year (I don't recall just when) I met with the band and shared some ideas for a new music video. Here are a few screenshots of my concepts based on their ideas:

We spent a good 12-14 hours filming in the dead of night. Our locations ranged from Downtown LA, to Hollywood Boulevard, to Studio City in the Valley, to all the way out into the Palmdale Desert.

I shot the entire thing with a Canon 7D with zoom lens and my GoPro Hero 3. A lot of the GoPro footage didn't make the cut, but looked pretty cool anyway. Would love to share a making-of sometime when I get the time.

The video was edited by my good friend and master editor Aaron White. He turned the concept I had and the notes I gave him into a pretty impressive first cut. I couldn't believe my eyes! He had captured exactly what I was thinking. After a few tweaks he sent a finalized cut and this baby was ready to be released.

The band released the video on their YouTube page last month and it has already climbed to 1,000 views (which I would love to see doubled, tripled, quadrupled... etc.)

Take a look and enjoy! As a reward for watching and sharing, I'll post some behind-the-scenes pics tomorrow: