Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Loud Crowd

While listening to an Indy Rock station here in LA, I discovered a new social gaming site online that plays wicked tunes and is fun to play. I'm pretty obsessed with it right now. It's called Loud Crowd and it is in it's beta testing phase.

It was created by a new company called Conduit Labs: "Conduit was founded by a combination of web entrepreneurs and social gaming pioneers; leaders in the development of Rock Band, Lord of the Rings Online, Guitar Hero, Asheron’s Call and Ambient Devices."

Basically, you create an avatar and a profile, then go into a chat-room style place and pick someone to dance with (you can dance with yourself, but that's pretty lame).

You start dancing in a DDR for your fingers - style format. The more you get asked to dance, the more points you get. You also get points for dancing. If you get enough points you get cool stuff like a new wardrobe, music requests and other things.Anyway - I can invite people to play, but only every now and then. Let me know if you want an invite and I'll see what I can do.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yes Man Premiere

That's all I can say about Wednesday night.

I was graciously invited to go to the Yes Man premiere in Westwood. I was also invited to the after party event. It was pretty much nuts. There was free food, free booze, free photo services, free Dance Dance Revolution, free everything.

I'm posting some pics onto Facebook, you can check them out here.
The film was really great. There were things from the original script that I loved that didn't make it to the final cut, but it was still very funny.

At the afterparty I had several chances to meet people. Some of the interns were a bit shy about approaching celebrities, but I kind of went for it with reckless abandon.

Here's a list of celebs that I saw:
Christopher Masterson
Ben Foster
Wilmer Valderrama
Laura Prepon
Alyssa Milano
Gerard Butler
Molly Sims
Terrence Stamp
Bradley Cooper
Peyton Reed (director of Yes Man)
Danny Wallace (writer of the original book)
Edoardo Ponti
Sasha Alexander
Tommy Davidson

I would have introduced myself to Gerard Butler and Ben Foster, but they were talking to some pretty young things, so I decided to not bother them.

Here is a list of celebs that I introduced myself to:
Rhys Darby (way cool - I even got a picture...coming soon)
Jarrad Paul (helped write the film with Andrew Mogel)
Andrew Mogel (he was surprised that I knew Jarrad from Action!)
Danny Masterson (told him I was a fan of his work, also his brother)

Because they didn't show up, I didn't see:
Jim Carrey
Zooey Deschenel
Jenny McCarthy

It was a way awesome night despite that though. Hopefully I will be invited to many more premieres and hopefully I can have a "plus one" on my ticket.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Harold Ramis is the MAN

Tiffany and I went to go see the new film by Harold Ramis tonight.
It's called Year One and it stars Jack Black and Michael Cera. Also involved was Hank Azaria, Paul Rudd, David Cross, McLovin (from Superbad), Bill Hader, Oliver Platt, and even Ramis was in the film playing Adam.
Ramis and his bad self

Although highly inacurate and pretty much blasphemous, I really enjoyed it! I thought they did a great job and I would say that you should all check it out when you can. It still had some things that they needed to fix, but most of the film looked really great. I won't say much else about the film, except - I wish they had more Paul Rudd...

Afterwards I saw Ramis talking with some people. He started walking towards me so I went over and shook his hand and told him that I loved the movie and that I was a big fan. He said "thank you" and smiled, then went into the theater. I would have gotten a picture, but I left my phone in the car because they wouldn't allow it in the theater. Of all the lame times to have rules!


C - A sassy but kind older woman who is the assistant to a CEO
L - The parking lot of a major motion picture studio where they have cleared the cars for a film crew.
O - A bag of fruit snacks in various fruit forms and flavors.
S - When you have to hide something very important from your best friend because it might end your friendship.
A - Answering the wrong phone.
T - "I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas Edison

Logline #1: The Yes Man

I am starting a logline forum on my blog and I am adding a label so these wonderful loglines can be viewed all at once! Just click "loglines" on the right hand side and enjoy.

Also, I want you to post your own loglines if you have read or seen the film.

The first is for the original screenplay THE YES MAN by Nicholas Stoller (First Draft).

A temp worker at a bank who says no to easily is challenged by a self-help guru to say yes for a complete year no matter what.

I really enjoyed the script, it was like an edgy-er LIAR, LIAR. I really appreciated the small practical comedic elements throughout. I really liked the ending and hope that they stuck faithful to it. I plan on reading the revised versions as well so I can get a feel for how they changed it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Need A Post

I haven't posted in a while and so I really wanted to stretch my typing/writing skills and get some info out to all you people out there (both of you).
This won't really be in any kind of order and it is mostly random, but hopefully you get a few tidbits of info from the tyraid.

Thanksgiving was a blast, lots of food. My only regret was not eating more than I did and the only thing I'm proud of is that I didn't eat more than I did. What I really wish is that there was another day of feasting like we did that night.
We had Thanksgiving dinner with some friends and their various siblings. We ate at Lara Spencer's house because one of our friends is her kids' nanny. They were out of town for the day and so they invited us all over. They have a really nice place and we had a lot of fun with everyone.

This here is my wallpaper on my iPhone, cause Rankin and Bass are some of my role models.

We received an invitation to go see the new Miyazaki film in Glendale the other day. We arrived as soon as we possibly could, which we thought was a bit early, but the line went down the stairs, around the middle, and up the stairs again. We couldn't believe it!
Once the line started to move, we thought we might have a chance of getting in because it was going really quickly. We got to this point right here -when a woman came up to us and told us that the theater was full. She gave us a ticket to any movie we wanted to see that night instead. So we decided to stick around and go see - Plus we got free popcorn and drinks. The popcorn was cold though, which makes us 0 for 2 on cold popcorn at the theaters here.
The movie was pretty decent - very funny.

Coming out of our apartment the other day, we saw this beautiful sky. The weather here is continuously amazing and we love every minute of it. We kind of miss snow though.
At the ward
Christmas party last night, someone had decorated a Charlie Brown Christmas themed table. It was pretty much amazing and I congratulate the decorators on such a great table ensemble.

I read this on the Fail Blog and thought it was one of the funniest/saddest things I've ever heard -

I saw Angela Basset next to the ER set on Thursday. She looked pretty tired, she was waiting for her ride to take her to wardrobe or something. She still looked really good though.