Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Logline #3: The Hangover

The Hangover
by John Lucas & Scott Moore

Three friends retrace their steps to try and find the groom after a massive bender bachelor party in Las Vegas.

This script was pretty funny. Not amazingly funny, I don't remember laughing out loud at too many points. The basic story is well worked out and I am immediately endeared to the characters. The main plot seems to be completely straightforward, but soon unravels at the third act break. Although they do a lot of crazy stuff and get into lots of trouble, there never seems to be much of an emergency about anything. It's just a bunch of crazy guys who did some bad stuff.

I love that baby!

After seeing the film:
I have to hand it to this amazing cast. They did an amazing job. They made this material funny. Of course there were some massive rewrites from the version I read (May 16, 2008 version), the main characters and plot is the same. But what sells this film is the constantly superb delivery of physical comedy and hilarious dialogue. Good for the writers for making a few points clear, but if you don't have the right actors delivering the words with the right amount of expertise, you have lost everything (if there was anything there to begin with).